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Trademark rights are obtained on a nation by-nation premise. On the off chance that you enroll your trademark in the U.S., you just have trademark rights in the U.S. 
Nonetheless, there are a few global settlements that can help you "use" your trademark rights in one nation to get trademark rights in another nation. 
The possibility of a solitary "worldwide enlistment" to get trademark rights all through the world does not exist. However, there is an extraordinary kind of enrollment in the realm of trademark bargains that is called a universal enlistment. This is the means by which it works. 
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To start with, you need to get a trademark enlistment in a nation that has a place with the Madrid System. The Madrid System is a trademark bargain that has been around for quite a long time. When you have a trademark enlistment in a nation that is a piece of the Madrid System, you can ask your nation's trademark office to present that enrollment to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland. WIPO will inspect the data that your trademark office submits to make certain it is finished and that you have paid the greater part of the suitable charges. By then, your trademark will move toward becoming "enlisted" with WIPO. An enlistment number will be alloted to it and it will be known as an International Registration. 
Be that as it may, here is the catch: An International Registration doesn't get you trademark assurance in any nation. None. Rather, an International Registration (an IR) is quite recently the initial step to utilizing the Madrid System to all the more effectively get genuine trademark enlistments in different nations that are individuals from the Madrid System settlement. When you have an IR, WIPO can consequently send your trademark application to many different nations, without utilizing neighborhood legal advisors and without much cost. The IR resembles a "parent" trademark enrollment, despite the fact that it doesn't ensure your trademark in any nations without anyone else. When enrollments are finished in different nations (which is not the subject of this article), you can have WIPO control numerous parts of these "youngster" enlistments through the IR. For instance, you can restore a trademark in 50+ nations by recording a solitary shape with WIPO.
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