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You have conceptualized thoughts and have at long last concocted the ideal name for your business. The name is enrolled with ASIC yet this by itself can't give you the select utilization of the business name. How might you prevent others from utilizing your business name and ensure your image? 
The most effective method to Trademark a Business Name 
Step 1. Before Applying 
Before your application you ought to lead a pursuit of the Australian Trade Mark On-line Search System to check whether your business name has as of now been enrolled or if there are any comparable names that have been trademarked. 
Step 2. Applying 
Anybody can make a trademark application, however the proprietor of the business name must make the claim. The proprietor can be: 
  • a person; 
  • an organization; 
  • a fused affiliation; or 
  • a mix of the above. 
The application is on the web and should include: 
  • Your name and contact points of interest; 
  • A portrayal of the trademark; 
  • A portrayal of the relevant products and enterprises;
  • A rundown of the important classes; and 
  • The documenting application charge. 
Deciding the Class 
When applying to enlist your business name as a trademark you should decide the classes of products and enterprises fitting to your business goals. Products and ventures are ordered into 45 classes and the significant classes must be decisively recognized in the application. This determination is critical as it guarantees that no one but you can industrially utilize your trademark inside the classes it is enlisted. 
Deciding the class of merchandise and ventures for your business can be a confounded procedure. It is essential to know the proper classes for your business. As classes can't be changed after the application is submitted, LawPath exhorts reaching a trademark lawyer. 
Step 3. Examination 
Once your application has been made it will be analyzed. Your application will be acknowledged unless the application has not been made as per the Act or there are reason for dismissal. An examination report will be sent distinguishing the issues or achievement of your application. 
The business name will be rejected in the event that it: 
  • Contains endorsed or disallowed signs; 
  • Can't be spoken to graphically; 
  • Is not unmistakable; 
  • Shocking or as opposed to law; 
  • Liable to delude or cause perplexity; or 
  • Indistinguishable or like enlisted trademarks. 
This procedure takes more often than not 3 to 4 months in the wake of recording the application. In the event that there are no justification for dismissal your trademark will be enrolled and the trademark will be gone into the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks (AOJTM) and recorded under the ATMOSS.

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