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In spite of the fact that not required before recording an application, you are urged to seek the USPTO's trademark database to check whether any mark has as of now been enlisted or connected for that is like your mark and utilized on related items or for related administrations. On the off chance that your inquiry yields a mark that you think may struggle with your mark, you ought to then check status to check whether the application or enlistment is still "live," since any "dead" mark can't be utilized to hinder another application. 
A total hunt is one that will reveal every single comparable mark, not only those that are indistinguishable. In such manner, hunting down trademark accessibility is not the same as looking to enroll an area name. An area name hunt may concentrate on correct or "dead on" hits, with no thought given to comparable names or use with related items and administrations. Fundamentally, an area address is either accessible or it is definitely not. The trademark procedure, then again, is more mind boggling. As a major aspect of the general examination prepare, the USPTO will seek its database to decide if enlistment must be declined in light of the fact that a comparative mark is as of now enrolled for related items or administrations (i.e., even indistinguishable marks may coincide if utilized on merchandise or administrations not thought to be connected at all). It would be ideal if you take note of that the USPTO does not offer admonitory suppositions on the accessibility of a mark before recording of a real application.

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